Brentwood Hotel Conference and Funtions Catering Menus

Sample Conference Menus

Prices range from $26.00 to $28.00 and change daily
Please inform us of any special dietary requirements

Lunch 1

$26.00 per person

Beef Brisket with parsnip shavings
Crumbed Chicken with Japanese mayo on sticky rice
Potato and spinach curry
Club sandwiches with assorted fillings
Tossed salad, seasonal salad,
Basket of fresh fruit
Tea and coffee.


Lunch 2

$28.00 per person

Baked Fish with Rendang sauce, bean sprouts
Mini Steaks with crushed potatoes, pea sauce
Bean and Tomato ragout with cous cous
Filled ciabatta bites
Tossed salad, seasonal salad
Basket of fresh fruit
Sweet slice/cake
Tea and coffee

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